Consensus building on police reform is moving forward

Colombia Impact | Positive Probability | High Civicus Rating | Repressed On November 22, nine presidential pre-candidates discussed one of the most sensitive issues in Colombian politics today: the need for police reform in light of the institutional violence recorded in recent years. The meeting organized by El Espectador was attended by Roy Barreras (La […]

Colombia, one of the most dangerous countries for environmental activism

Colombia Colombia is already one of the most dangerous countries in the world for environmental defenders, with a record 65 murders registered throughout 2020. This is according to the latest report published by the NGO Global Witness in mid-September. A third of these attacks targeted indigenous and Afro-descendant people, while around half affected small-scale farmers […]

How Nayib Bukele is becoming “the world’s coolest dictator”

El Salvador Introduction Since assuming the presidency on June 1, 2019, Nayib Bukele has tightened his grip on power at the expense of eroding democracy and rule of law. At the beginning of this year, the ruling party secured a majority in the Legislative Assembly allowing it to pass laws without negotiating with the opposition […]

Reform to the Anti-Corruption Law advances in the National Assembly

Venezuela Impact | Positive Probability | High Civicus Rating | Repressed On July 26 the Comptroller Commission of the National Assembly launched the public consultation process on the bill of the partial reform of the Law Against Corruption of 2014, which had been approved in first discussion two weeks ago. The initiative broadens the concept […]

Bill to eliminate the obligation to consult Indigenous Communities moves forward

Brazil Impact | Negative Probability | Medium Civicus Rating | Obstructed The situation of Brazil’s indigenous peoples has been viewed with concern for decades due to their living conditions and lack of protection of their rights. This could now be aggravated if a bill to reform the so-called Statute of the Indian, which obtained a […]

President Alvarado rejected before the Assembly accusations of violating rights to privacy

Costa Rica Impact | Negative Civicus Rating | Limited On February 10, and almost a year after its installation, the Special Committee investigating the alleged use of confidential information of Costa Ricans by the Presidential Data Analysis Unit (UPAD, in Spanish) summoned President Carlos Alvarado Quesada to provide explanations before the Legislative Assembly. During eight […]

Colombia launches a new National Accountability System with citizen participation

Colombia Impact | Positive Civicus Rating | Repressed On March 2, President Iván Duque signed a decree creating the National Accountability System (SNRC, in Spanish), which will seek to facilitate citizen participation in the monitoring and evaluation of the management commitments of the different State entities at the national, departmental, district and municipal levels.  The […]