The National Assembly took first step to revising the Police Function Statute Law

Venezuela Impact | Negative Probability | High Civicus Rating | Repressed On August 19, the National Assembly (AN in Spanish) approved in first discussion a reform of the 2015 Police Function Statute Law presented by the Executive Branch. The bill contemplates adjustments in the Police Performance Control Inspectorate and in the conformation of the Police […]

The Senate began studying a bill to prevent judicial harassment of journalists

Colombia Impact | Positive Probability | Medium Civicus Rating | Repressed On September 1, the Senate began the study of a bill that proposes to criminalize the crime of judicial or litigious harassment aimed at curtailing the rights to freedom of expression, information and association. The initiative, promoted by Rodrigo Lara Restrepo and Julio César […]

Debate on a Freedom of Speech Bill moves forward in the National Assembly

Ecuador Impact | Positive Probability | Medium Civicus Rating | Obstructed On August 24, the International Relations Committee of the National Assembly approved the unification of the Free Expression and Communication Bill presented by President Guillermo Lasso, and of an initiative to guarantee freedom of the press presented by the Andean Foundation for Media Observation […]

Executive resolution restricts access to information on the President’s activities

Panama Impact | Negative Civicus Rating | Limited On August 20, the Ministry of the Presidency published a resolution declaring as restricted access information the minutes, notes, files and other records of the discussions or activities of the President and Vice President of the Republic and the Cabinet Council. The documents related to the execution […]