Judiciary blocks decree seeking to classify information on public investments

Mexico Impact | Negative Civicus Rating | Repressed On February 25, Mexico’s top court ordered the ‘definitive suspension’ of a decree under which the President, Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), had declared that federal government-backed investments in strategic areas of public interest were to be matters national security, a move that would have allowed it […]

Se decretó el estado de excepción con suspensión de derechos civiles

El Salvador Impacto | Negativo Rating Civicus | Obstruido El 27 de marzo, la Asamblea Legislativa, con mayoría oficialista, declaró el inicio del régimen de excepción en todo el territorio nacional por un período de 30 días. La medida fue aprobada, con 67 votos favorables, en una sesión extraordinaria que tuvo lugar luego de que […]

The National Assembly creates the legal figure of the “Digital Undercover Agent”

El Salvador Impact | Negative Probability | High Civicus Rating | Obstructed On February 1, the Legislative Assembly controlled by the ruling party sanctioned five reforms to the Criminal Procedural Code, by means of which the figure of the “Digital Undercover Agent” is created. With this, the National Police is empowered to carry out undercover […]

Differences within the ruling bloc delay the reform of the Law of Access to Public Information

El Salvador Impact | Negative Civicus rating| Obstructed On February 2, the plenary of the Legislative Assembly returned to committee the controversial bill that allowed public and informal information to be classified as reserved. According to local media reports, the possible political costs of the reform could have generated tensions within the ruling bloc, which […]

AMLO’s project to absorb decentralized entities under the orbit of the national state

Mexico Impact | Negative CIVICUS Rating | Repressed On February 4, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador publicly stated that it is a government priority to promote a public administration reform that contemplates the absorption of 16 decentralized agencies by national state secretariats, among them the Executive Secretariat of the National Anticorruption System (SE-SNA in Spanish). […]