Impact | Negative

    Probability | High

    Civicus Rating| Repressed

    On September 22, the 70 deputies who make up the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front presented a bill that seeks to limit the action of organizations that have foreign funding. If enacted, all entities, foundations and associations that receive funds from abroad will be required to register as “foreign agents”.  In addition, they will be obliged to inform the Ministry of the Interior when they receive an offer of funds, explain what activities the funds will be used for, and report on expenditures, payments and contracts. Donations from foreign sources may not be used in activities that have not been previously declared and registered in a dedicated web portal. In the event of non-compliance, the Ministry may impose fines or cancel its legal status. Since 2018, the Nicaraguan government has cancelled the legal status of 10 civil society organizations without due process. The legislative treatment of the bill could begin in the next few days. 

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