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    On September 29, the Executive Branch enacted an amendment to the Ombudsman Law sanctioned by Congress, which broadens the powers of the Ombudsman in the promotion of human rights, prevention of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. 

    The new law designates the Ombudsman’s Office as the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture and gives it free access to detention, custody and internment centers, police or military; penitentiaries, police or military training institutes, and health centers in general. The Ombudsman’s Office will have standing to file actions of unconstitutionality, liberty, protection and protection, among others, and may also make recommendations for the adoption of corrective measures, addressed to the public sector and private institutions. 

    The precedent is in line with another reform to the security forces, sanctioned at the beginning of May, which subordinates the police to the civil power. This law establishes the normative and procedural bases that regulate the promotions of police public servants in the different hierarchical ranks and the conformation of the Police Command, from an inclusive perspective, in order to achieve more transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.


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