El Salvador

    Impact | Negative

    Civicus Rating | Obstructed

    Organizations and representatives of Salvadoran civil society expressed their concern about the creation of a public agency for international cooperation that will centralize the channels and opportunities for access to funds under the direct control of the government. Regarding the measure, which was made official in June by means of a decree, the president affirmed that the body will guarantee the management of the funds is not influenced by ideological-political criteria. However, critical voices warn that precisely the opposite could occur, given the lack of clear guidelines on the articulation between sources and beneficiaries, the priorities in the allocations, and the role of social organizations. In particular, it raises concern that this platform could be used by the government to limit the access of social organizations to sources of international financing. They also observe that the strategy of unifying the channels of international cooperation under an agency directly linked to the incumbent president makes it incompatible with the principles of international aid outlined in the 2005 Paris Declaration. 


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