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    While a case is advancing for alleged illegal espionage maneuvers during the government of former President Mauricio Macri, the Senate endorsed a decree in March that modifies Law 25.520 on National Intelligence by prohibiting cooperation between intelligence agencies and the criminal justice system, the performance of repressive or police tasks. Nor will they be able to obtain information, produce intelligence or store personal data based on race, religion, political opinion, membership in organizations or the performance of lawful activities. Prior to its amendment, the law enabled intelligence agents to carry out police or investigative functions at the request of the judge in the context of a judicial case. The government asserts that this situation eventually led to undue links between intelligence agencies and some sectors of the justice system, while also compromising judicial independence. The ongoing court case on illegal intelligence gathering focuses on alleged espionage against some 500 people, including journalists, politicians, businessmen and members of civil society.  


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