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    On June 30, the presidents of both Houses of Congress signed a joint resolution, designating the Bicameral Committee for the Supervision of Intelligence Agencies and Activities responsible for following up on activities carried out by the Directorate for Criminal Justice Assistance Complexes, a body under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court that performs judicial wiretapping. The decision comes in a context of increasing political tension since the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency, Cristina Caamaño, denounced illegal espionage activities during the government of Mauricio Macri. Since then, the ruling party has tried to withdraw a decree signed by Macri, who transferred judicial wiretapping from the scope of the Attorney General’s Office to the Supreme Court, a move that was rejected by the opposition. Meanwhile, the judicial system is looking into allegations of illegal espionage. In this context, the house of a then secretary of former President Macri was raided. The opposition coalition “Juntos por el Cambio” issued a statement declaring that a sector of the ruling party seems to be “focused on poisoning the political climate.”


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